Every kid worries about making friends at a new school, but

when nine-year-old Bud accidentally catches the wrong bus

and finds himself launched into deep space, new friends are

the least of his problems! At Cosmos Academy, Bud learns

that Earthlings are the most feared creatures in the galaxy,

and even Earth's location has been hidden!


With the help of his new friend, Gort, Bud goes undercover as

a Tenarian exchange student. Unfortunately that means everyone

thinks he's a pro at anti-gravity Zero-Ball (even though he's

really only a pro at watching sports). And with paranoid

Principal Lepton threat ening to expel any Earthlings

(into outer space) and only Gort's hacked Blip computer to

help them determine Earth's co-ordinates, will Bud ever find

his way home?

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